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Wind surf is an intense water sport for for everyone, regardless of age and physical condition, practiced in many designated locations in Attica area. The only requirement for starting with wind surf is swimming knowledge. The lessons can be private or in groups according to your level. Lessons are available from total beginners until expert surfers that want to improve their technique. We use the latest models of boards and sails, and all our equipment is properly maintained and storred. Rescue boat is available on the sea and alert to act in cases of emergency. On our premises we can arrange birthday/wedding parties, team building and companies events, sports activities for groups and clubs.


Wind Surf

Introduction in Wind Surf

Learn how to wind surf and book your lessons with us.

Locations : Loutsa, Marathonas, Sxoinias.

What's included : Wind surf equipment and instructor, rescue boat alert.

Optional transfer from Athens upon request.

Level 1 or level 2  - 1 hour course for 50 euros per person.

Level 1 or level 2 - 5 hours course for 200 euros per person.

Level 1 and level 2 - Full course, 10 hours for 350 euros per person.

Renting options for beginers equipment without lesson.

30 euros per hour

45 euros for 2 hours

70 euros for a day.

Basic training courses

Price : 150 euros per person

Improve your wind surf and plan your training course.

Locations : Sxoinias, Loutsa and Marathonas.

What's included : Windsurf equipment and instructor, rescue boat alert.

Level 3 - Waterstart, 1 hour course for 60 euros per person.

Level 3 - Planning, 2 hour course for 120 euros per person.

Level 3 - Jibing, 2 hours course for 120 euros per person.

Level 3 - Bumb and jump, 2 hours course for 120 euros per person.

Level 4 - Racing, 10 hours for 400 euros per person.

Team Training / Scheduled trainnings per month.

Renting options for advanced equipment freeride - wave without lesson.

40 euros per hour

60 euros for 2 hours

80 euros for a day.

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