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Making  a tandem jump is the easiest way to experience the thrill of skydiving. After a brief ground preparation get ready for take off! You will exit the plane at an altitude of 3500m (11.400ft) or 4200m (14000ft) while safely attached to your experienced tandem master with a special harness. You will experience terminal velocity at around 125 mph (almost 200 km/h) on your first jump for up to a minute before your instructor will deploy the parachute. You will fly with him under canopy for another 5-7 breathtaking minutes of your life before landing safely on the grassy landing area of the DZ.

Tandem Skydive

Tandem skydive at Pachi airfield in Megara area.

Distance from Athens : 45 min drive.

Duration of activity : 2 hours.

Availability : Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Prices per person :  

-Tandem jump from 12.000 feet - 199 euros.

-Handy-cam complete package (video+photos) from tandem instructor - 40 euros.

-Outside Video and Photos (extra jumper) - 70 euros.

-USB Stick for highest HD quality - 10 euros.

Skydive Aff course - Athens extreme spor

Tandem Skydive at Kopaida airfield, in Voiotia area.

Distance from Athens : 1 hour and 40 min drive.

Duration of activity : 2 hours.

Availability : Almost everyday.

Prices per person : 

- Tandem light from 8.000 feet - 180 euros.

- College Students or Military ID Tandem jump from 14.000 feet 200 euros. 

- First Class Tandem jump from 14.000 feet  - 210 euros.

- Handy-cam Video and Photos - 60 euros.

- Outside Video and Photos (extra jumper) - 100 euros.

- Usb memory stick - 8 euros


Basic facts

-15 minutes of flying experience with an 8 seat specially modified planes.

-We provide all the equipment, you only need sport warm clothing.

-No age limit.

-Up to 8 participants per flight.

-Private transfer from Athens can be arranged with extra cost.

Complete Accelerated Free Fall Course

The Accelerated Free Fall Course is an intensive skydiving instructional course where you will learn about the skydiving equipment, emergency procedures, and how to jump with your own equipment. You will be accompanied by two licensed USPA AFF Instructors throughout your jump, who will assist you in all aspects of your skydive and talk you down with radio commands to a soft, safe landing. The course is a bit more intense as it will take up to 4-6 hours to complete with both theory and practical learning modules on the ground.

•   Learn to Skydive by yourself

•   All jumps from 14000 feet

•   Best and most experienced Greek and foreign instructors 

•   Latest technology and well maintained equipment 

•   Complete the course in 3 days!

•   Minimum age limit 16 years old

The course consists of the below:


1. Ground-school (8hours of ground preparation for the 1st jump)


2. 3 jumps with 2 instructors 


3. 4 jumps with 1 instructor


Total jumps to finish the course is 7 jumps.


Exit altitude 14000 feet


We follow USPA rules (united states parachute association) and your certification is valid worldwide.




Registration+membership= 110 euro


Ground school = 100euro


Jump 1-3 = 225 euro/each


Jump 4-7 = 165 euro/each


We can offer accommodation on site if you want to stay also at 10-15 euro per night. Medical is also need from a pathologist and cardiologist that you are good for sports. After finishing the AFF course you are eligible to jump solo renting equipment wherever you go or have your own.

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