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Hundreds of miles of coastline and numerous islands close to Athens and Attica, Greece is a developing scuba dive destination with many followers from all over the world. More than 50 diving locations, most of them located on the south - east part of the Attica, are recorded from the diving community. Explore with us, the beauties of the Aegean sea and explore historical wrecks in various depths, observe the marine life on natural reefs, scuba dive on underwater canyons, caves and caverns. Our team of friendly and professional crew, offers scuba dive trainning, scuba dive boat trips from Southeast Attica, on popular scuba dive destinations and diving spots. Almost daily upon request, snorkelling and scuba diving trips for beginners to experienced divers.

Scuba Diving

Scuba dive courses and dives, snorkelling and scuba dive boat trips.

- Discover Scuba Diving

Description :

The discover scuba diving program is an introduction to scuba diving, potentially a life changing experience for many who will try it for the first time! The program consists of three parts.

-Part 1: It starts with a lecture given by a PADI instructor where you first get acquainted with the equipment and learn some diving theory.

 -Part 2: Theory is followed by practising some diving skills with your instructor in shallow “confined” waters and getting familiar with your equipment.

 -Part 3 : The program ends with an open water dive under the supervision of an instructor. You will get the chance to discover the underwater world, to swim alongside friendly sea creatures and enjoy the safe, warm and clear Mediterranean waters while practising your new diving skills!!!

 This program is available for children of 8 years old and above..

Duration : 2-3 hours.

Prices  : 60 euros per person.

Availability : All year round.

Locations : Varkiza, Vouliagmeni and Koropi areas.

Including :

-All diving equipment.

-Padi certified instructors.

-Dan diving insurance.

-Underwater photos.

- Scuba dive from the coast for certified divers.

Description :

Scuba diving to one of our favourite shore diving spots for Tuna Safari ! At only 20 mins away from our dive centre we can go scuba dive alongside magnificent tunas and other sea creatures ! A dive spot with vertical walls that reach 40 meters, a place full of marine life and fish populations. We will start our dive with a brief theory lesson about Tunas.

Cost  : 60 euros per dive per person.

Duration : 2-3 hours with local transfers.

Minimum participation : 2 people

Location : Legrena

Visibility : 20 m

Dive level : OW - ΑOW

Including :

-All diving equipment.

-Diving insurance.

-Dive from the coast.

-Photos and video.

- Snorkelling Boat trips

Description : We will sail with our 6 meter inflatable boats within 15 miles ( 30 minutes) distance, we can reach the islands of Arsida, Dipsa, Fleves, Patroklos, the small islands of Petalioi or the Cape of Marathonas. Small hidden, private bays with crystal clear waters are there to explore with your mask and fins or you can just swim, relax and sunbathe. We can arrange other destinations and snorkelling locations upon requests.


Duration : 3-4 hours.

Minimum participation : 4 people

Locations : Upon request

Prices  : 60 euros per person (Lagonissi, Dipsa, Pothitos, Marathonas Cape) Zone -1

- 70 euros per person (Petalioi Islands, Arsida island, Patroklos island, Makronisos) Zone -2

Including :

-Motor boat trip

-Safety diver

-Snorkelling equipment (fins, snorkel, mask, wetsuit).

-Dan diving insurance.

-Underwater photos and video.

- Boat scuba dive trips for certified divers.


Description : Motor boat trips for scuba diving for certified divers on different spots and diving locations in Attica. Hidden bays, shipwrecks, caverns, vertical walls, are some of the highlights that make scuba diving in Attica an exciting activity. Explore the marine life, coral formations, small and big fish, historical wrecks and deep dives. Our team of friendly and expert divemasters and instructors will lead you to the beauties of the underwater world with safety and passion.  One or two tanks dives option.

- Availability : Daily upon request.

- Duration : 5-6 hours.

Cost  :

- 60 euros per person for Zone - 1 ( Pothitos islet, Lagonissi, Petalioi islet, Marathonas)

- 80 euros per person for Zone - 2 (Arsida island, Patroklos island, Makronisos island)

Including :

-Dive from a boat.

-Scuba dive equipment.

-Dan diving insurance.

-Underwater photos and video.

- Training courses for beginners , PADI Scuba diver & Open Water Diver


Description :

Gain your first scuba diving certification with PADI, one of the biggest diving associations globally, thus with this certification you can dive or rent scuba equipment everywhere in the world. The scuba diver certification takes 2-3 days and you can dive to a maximum depth of 12 meters. You could continue with more intensive course of Open Water Diver which takes 4-7 days and allows you to dive down to 18 meters. The course consists of the Open Water Diver theory, 5 dive lessons in confined waters and 4 shore open water dives at the crystal clear waters of the Aegean.

Scuba Diver

Duration : 2-3 days

Cost : 280 euros


Open Water Diver : 380 euros per person.

Duration : 4-7 days

Cost : 380 euros

Locations : Varkiza, Vouliagmeni, Koropi.

Availability : Contact us for more details.

Scuba Boat & Shore Dives, Scuba Dive Training

Prices for boat dives per person - 70 Snorkelling, 90 eur for 1 tank dive, 120 eur 2 tanks dives.

Our diving field includes the reefs and wrecks of Macronisos island, Cape Sounio and the surrounding islets. For the experienced and technical divers we organize daily excursions to more than 50 remote diving sites. More information about the dive sites below. Contact us for details and availability.


1. Tripiti reef

One of our favorite dive sites since you can enjoy any type of diving in this reef. Relaxing shallow dives for the less experienced and exhilarating deeper dives for the more experienced divers.

2. Apollonia VI wreck

The cargo vessel Apollonia VI built in 1955 hit the reef the 10th of June 1980. Today it offers a very nice dive to both novice and advanced scuba divers. Two of the biggest parts of the ship (the bow and the stern) are lying in relatively shallow water (18-24 m). Combined with the excellent visibility this site offers it’s definitely a site worth revisiting. 

Depth: 18-24 m
Visibility: 20m
Diver level: OW - AOW
3.  Portugal wreck

The M/V Portugal hit the southwest side of the reef.As a result of this collision the ship broke in to two pieces. The biggest of them sunk on the reef. Today one of those pieces of Portugal is lying in a depth of 26 to 40 meters offering another exciting diving spot in the reef.  

Depth: 24 – 40 m
Visibility: 20 m
Diver level: AOW

4. The groupers nest

The north side of the reef is actually a complex of very big rocks that offer shelter to some very impressive groupers. It a dive for the more experienced divers since the depth reaches 40 meters. At the end of this complex a wall begins from about 35 meters deep giving the chance for a multilevel profile which allows the diver to enjoy the biggest part of the reef. 

Depth: 35 – 40 m
Visibility: 20 m
Diver level: AOW + Deep Diver

5. The little island

Very interesting dive at the southeast side of Makronisos island. Small depth and a big variety in underwater life make this dive ideal for underwater photographers. It also offers us some very nice night dives. 

Depth: 20m
Visibility: 15 
Diver level: OW

6. The marble rock

A little further to the south is our next diving spot the Marble rock. Another excellent dive site for the fans of underwater photography, but also an ideal dive site for novice divers. Small depth allows the diver to remain underwater lot of time. Very interesting also as a night diving site.

Depth: 20m
Visibility: 15 
Diver level: OW

7. Portugal wreck (part 2)

This is the second piece of the ship that after the collision detached the rest of the ship and floated some two nautical miles further to the south where it was finally sunk. The exact location of the wreck remained unknown until recently and that allowed nature to convert the ship into an artificial reef.  

Depth: 26 – 32 m
Visibility: 25 m
Diver level: ΑOW 

8. Makris reef

This the middle of the three reefs of Makronisos island. Its position and the almost permanent current result in excellent visibility and a big variety of underwater life. Minimum depth is 4 meters while the edge of the reef goes down to 24 meters.

Depth: 4 – 26 m
Visibility: 25+ m
Diver level: OW - ΑOW 

9. Pasas reef

Just across the Makris reef but very close to the shore of Attica lies the Pasas reef. The reef begins at 3 meters deep and goes down to almost 20 meters. The big rocks that form the reef create spectacular underwater passageways. Definitely a very unique diving spot.

Depth: 3 – 20 m
Visibility: 20 m
Diver level: OW 

10. Makronisos south reef

This is the third reef of Makronisos Island. The reef comes up almost to the surface and it’s characterized by the northern current that’s almost always present. Excellent visibility, big variety of underwater life offers us a drift dive that you will remember for long time.  

Depth: 1 – 25 m
Visibility: 25+ m
Diver level: ΑOW 

11. S/S Rosa Vlasi wreck

Rosa Vlasi, a cargo steamship, sunk southwest of Makronisos Island during a storm. It is located intact in a depth of 51 meters lying on its port side. This is a staged decompression dive for very experienced divers.

Depth: 51 – 62 m
Visibility: 25+ m
Diver level: Technical divers

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12. Cape Sounion

Dive just underneath the ancient temple of Poseidon. Small caves, canyons with incredible colors and an almost always flat sea make this one of our favorites. Ideal for night diving too.   

Depth: 5 - 24 m
Visibility: 20 m
Diver level: OW

13. The Canyon

Although we recently discovered this dive site it made it straight up to our list of favorites.  An underwater canyon starts at a depth of 8 meters and ends at 20 meters. Incredible colors and every kind of underwater life can be seen inside the canyon. And if that is not enough just at the exit of the canyon a very big rock, going down to 40 meters, awaits the divers for an incredible wall dive. Don’t miss this one! 

Depth: 5 - 40 m
Visibility: 20+ m
Diver level: OW - AOW

14. The Rock

Ηuge rock very close to the shore in the west side of Makronisos island characterizes this diving site. Its base is at 30 meters and divers with good consumption rate can easily dive around it. Big fishes that usually live in deeper water are not something uncommon to see in this dive.  

Depth: 15 - 30 m
Visibility: 25+ m
Diver level: OW - AOW

15. Gerolimnionas south

Another great spot for wall diving. With a maximum depth of 30 meters a Nitrox mix and a multilevel dive plan will allow you to enjoy the underwater scenery with a long bottom time.

Depth: 15 - 30 m
Visibility: 25+ m
Diver level: OW - AOW

16. Gerolimnionas north

An impressive wall full of caverns that provide habitat to all kinds of marine life. A small cave awaits the diver at a depth of 36 meters. And the surprises are not over yet… Because it is a surprise to discover the two sunken cars lying at a depth of 40 meters, just at the edge of the wall. 

Depth: 15 - 40 m
Visibility: 25+ m
Diver level: OW - AOW

17. Kyra Leni wreck

Cargo ship Kyra Leni sunk in 1978 very close to Patroclos island. Today its one of the favorite dives for many divers since the shallow depth and the relatively intact bow of the ship allows for a relaxing wreck dive. 

Depth: 18 - 30 m
Visibility: 15 m
Diver level: OW - AOW

18. Legrena “the parking lot”

A really strange dive since you are going to dive in an underwater parking lot with every kind of car parked in it. How they were found there??? Lets discover it together…

Depth: 18 - 40 m
Visibility: 15 m
Diver level: OW - AOW

19. Monroza wreck

The Italian cargo ship Monrosa was sunk outside Anabissos after an attack from the British submarine HMS Triumph during WW II. A challenging dive even for the most advanced technical divers.

Depth: 75 - 90 m
Visibility: 15 m
Diver level: Trimix divers

20.  U-133 wreck

German submarine U 133 sunk during world war II when it hit a mine. Lying at 78 meters awaits the divers which have the appropriate experience and training for an unforgettable dive…

Depth: 78 m
Visibility: 15 m
Diver level: Trimix divers

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