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Earth activities - Railbike adventure tours | Athens extreme sports

Railbike adventure tours

We invite you to a railbike adventure trip starting and finishing at Megara, only 40 minutes drive from the centre of Athens. You will have the chance to cycle on abandoned rail tracks that used to connect Athens with the Peloponnese with our specially designed pedal-powered railroad karts while enjoying the wild scenery of Kakia Skala.



You will be informed about the route we follow and what you are about to see, as well as the railway's contribution to the industrial history of the area. You will have great views of the Saronic Gulf and nearby islands, on a mountainous scenery and visit spots of historical significance only accessible with our railbike tour. Our expert guides will inform you about the history of the location starting with the myths of Theseus and Skiron and continuing until modern times of World War II. We will also talk about the industrial and railway history of Greece as we will make designated stops on locations of interest along the way. 

Cost : 30 euros/person

The railbikes karts

Our railbikes are custom made designed and produced to meet the highest standards of safety and comfort. In terms of speed, they are the same as conventional bikes. They are stabilized by four wheels on rails and therefore does not require balance or any other skills.  

More details

- An easy cycling adventure, ideal for families and groups

- 3 hours duration

- 15 km of cycling

- Morning and evening tours

- Meeting point Megara

Highlights of the tour

- Cycle on the vintage metric railway that used to connect Athens with the Peloponnese.

- Explore forgotten German bunkers of WW2 and defensive infrastructure

- Visit abandoned railway stations

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