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Air activities - Paragliding | Athens extreme sports


Paragliding is a recreational and competitive adventure sport of flying paragliders: lightweight, foot-launched, glider aircraft with no rigid primary structure. Despite not using an engine, paraglider flights can last many hours and cover many hundreds of kilometres, though flights of one to two hours and covering some tens of kilometres. By skilful exploitation of air sources of lift, the pilot may gain height, often reaching to altitudes of a few thousand meters.


The experience

Live an unforgettable flying experience safely, where the immediacy of contact with air and nature, creates a unique feeling of freedom and tranquillity. Additionally, the pilot can increase the level of emotion, to make soft, perfectly controlled, acrobatic maneuvers where you will feel the adrenaline rush. Our pilots and instructors are certified by the Greek Air Sports Federation with years of experience and will ensure you a unique experience on the skies.


Tandem Paraglide flights - 2 seat paraglide

Prices : 100 €/person

Description : We will inform you about the weather forecast 2-3 days in advance and set a meeting point on the suggested location. After a short theory on the ground we will prepare equipment and wait for the ideal wind blows. When we will set ready we just have to make a few steps and we will be up in the air. You don't have to do anything else during the flight so seat back and enjoy the views. From Plataies spot we will have the mountain views of Kithaironas and the valley of Voiotia. From Kandili spot we will fly according to the winds at the valley of Megara, while we will have views from Eleusina, Aigina island and Attica combining mountain and sea views.


More information :

Duration of activity : 1 -2 hours.

Distance from Athens : 45 min - 1,5 hours drive.

Locations : Relevant to the weather conditions. Kithaironas Mountain at Plataies village and Kandili mountain at Megara area.


What's included :

  • 15-20 minute flight

  • Complete flight equipment: tandem paraglider, harnesses, helmet.

  • Licensed and certified expert pilot.

  • Local transfers from landing and take off locations.

  • Video coverage of the flight and memory card.


You should bring :

-Long trousers

-Mountain boots or sports shoes with good grip

-Light jacket


-Bottle of water


- Minimum age: 8 years (Parents of participants under 18 will need to sign a declaration of consent)
- Maximum weight: 105kg
- Physical and mental health

- No minimum attendance

- No previous experience needed

Paragliding Training Course

Prices : 800 €/person.

We offer training programs for beginners and advanced pilots every Spring and Autumn. Our philosophy is to offer the most comprehensive experience to the trainee. Our certified English speaking instructors will teach you to fly on your own with safety. Our equipment is certified and maintained on our modern facilities. By the end of the training, pilots will get Appi level 3 pilot international certificate.


Duration : 4 hours

Location : Plataies

Description : Theory courses on Meteorology, Aerodynamics, Mechanics of flight, Flight regulations, emergency issues.

2.Training on the ground
Duration : 1-2 days ~10 hours
Locations : Plataies or Kandili Megaron.
Description : During training on the ground, you will get to familiarize with the equipment, prepare, check and handle. After a few hours of training you will be able to treat and handle your equipment in a safe way. Every student will get its own paraglide equipment, helmet, seat and wing during the training.


3. Low flights
Duration : 2-3 days ~6-10 flights
Locations : Plataies or Kandili Megaron
Description : It is time for the first flights. After confirming that the student is ready to take off, he will be able to practice what he has learned on the ground and make his first flights. We go to a 50
meters hill and add height on our take offs and landing.


4.High flights
Duration : 5-7 days ~12 flights
Locations : Plataies or Kandili at Megara area.
Description : After a couple of low flights, the student will be able to make it’s first high flights, with an altitude difference of 350 meters. The trainee pilot should be able to perform what he has learned during the training of the low flights. He will be capable of taking off, control the wing and land with safety on the landing point. The duration of the flight is relevant to the capability of the pilot and the weather conditions.

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