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Earth activities - Horse riding | Athens extreme sports

Horse Riding

Our philosophy is that horses are part of the team and great individuals, so you first need to meet at the ground! If you are a complete beginner we will show you the basics of handling and grooming the horse chosen for you. We will also give you basic information about horses in general, their nature, their characters and we will be more than happy to answer all your questions about them. Even for those with experience we believe it is essential to spend some time with your horse first on the ground to know each other as both the rider and the horse will feel more comfortable during the ride. In order to make the experience both fun and safe for you we are choosing your horse for the ride depending on your weight, height and level of experience, so we will need to know these details in advance. We ride English style and the choice of paces is up to the guides judgment and the previous experience of the riders.


Earth activities - Horse riding in Marathon | Athens extreme sports
Earth activities - Horse riding on the mountain | Athens extreme sports
Earth activities - Horse riding | Athens extreme sports
Earth activities - Horse riding, non riding horse activities | Athens extreme sports
Non riding activities - The basic horse interaction course

Description : This is a non riding program, suitable for people who want to come in contact with horses in a free environment. It’s ideal for those that don’t know much about horses but they want to come in contact with those magnificent animals, ideal for those interested in history, culture, psychology and human sciences. We will walk together and join the herd of horses, observe and get to know each other, we will explain about their physiology, psychology and ways of communicating within their environment. We will speak about the herd dynamics and how this reflects human societies and human dynamics. In the quest to understand more about the horses we will play a few games with them, the horses will participate only if they want to! Finally, we will take you on a tour on our farm, we will explain their day care and routine, also the history behind how horses became domesticated animals, the war horses and the evolution of horse riding as an Olympic sport from Ancient Greece to modern time !

Earth activities -  Horse riding, horse riding vacations | Athens extreme sports
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