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Horse Riding

Our philosophy is that horses are part of the team and great individuals, so you first need to meet at the ground! If you are a complete beginner we will show you the basics of handling and grooming the horse chosen for you. We will also give you basic information about horses in general, their nature, their characters and we will be more than happy to answer all your questions about them. Even for those with experience we believe it is essential to spend some time with your horse first on the ground to know each other as you both will feel more comfortable during the ride. In order to make the experience both fun and safe for you we are choosing your horse for the ride depending on your weight, height and level of experience. We ride English style and the choice of paces is up to the guides judgment and the previous experience of the riders.


-No previous experience is needed.

-Maximum number of riders per group is 4 participants.

-Maximum weight per rider 95 kg.    

-Available every day except Mondays.

-Age limit is 8 years old.


6 days Horse Riding Vacation Plan Tour at Pelion Peninsula.

Prices :  950 euros/person

Prices include : Twin bedroom room, all riding, guiding and equipment, meals and transfers from / to Skiathos or Volos.

Dates : From 8th of August until the 18th of September.


Description : These rides explore the Pelion peninsula, an unspoilt corner of Greece that juts out into the
Aegean Sea on the east coast. In mythology, perhaps because of its lush vegetation and thick, impenetrable forests, the area was home to the Centaur and with its tiny secluded bays, winding cobbled tracks that lead to remote whitewashed cottages, groves of gnarled olive trees and shady forests of beech and chestnut, it is picturesque, forgotten riding country. Village Squares, shaded by huge plane trees harbour hospitable little tavernas. The rides are a relaxed combination of riding, swimming and excursions with nights spent at small hotel in the quiet fishing village of Katigiorgis.


More details :

Riding hours : 2-5 hours a day, 5 riding days.
Horses: Thessaly horsexarabs and draft horses,
Pace: slow due to the terrain (there are places where the horses need to be lead)
Riding ability: Intermediate
Weight limit: 90kg
Group size: max 4

Our horses used are part rescued part home bred, mostly Thessalian cross-bred with Arabian lineage. are forward going and fun to ride. English saddles are used and the horses are generally ridden in hackamores or snaffles.

Pace and experience required: The pace overall is quite slow and there are often places where you need to dismount to lead the horses. Although the pace is slow you need to be an intermediate rider to take part in the rides as, although they are well-schooled, the horses are finding it difficult to carry beginners over the difficult terrain. You are encouraged to groom, tack up and untack your own horse.


Accommodation is in the small fishing village of Katigiorgis. The rooms are only 100 yards from
the beach. Bedrooms are twin bedded with private bathroom and have a small balcony with views
onto the sea.


-Day 1 Meet in Athens, Volos or Skiathos and transfer to Katigiorgis village, Pelion peninsular. Dinner at a taverna in the village.

-Day 2 Breakfast, meet the horses for a short trial ride. Lunch in the harbour. Afternoon ride into the hills, returning to our hotel for dinner.

-Day 3 Ride to the beach, weather and conditions permitting, you can swim with your horse in the sea. In the afternoon a short trail around the hills. Dinner and night rest.

Day 4 Breakfast and set off to Platania to the south or Palti to the north. Lunch at a taverna and in the afternoon ride back by a different route. Dinner and night rest.

Day 5 Breakfast and a morning hack. The afternoon is free to relax on the beach or an excursion by car. Dinner and night rest on our base.

Day 6 After breakfast set off riding on the traditional village of Promiri. Lunch in the village square under the giant plane tree then return by a different route to our hotel.

Day 7 Breakfast and depart for Athens, Volos or Skiathos.

Horse riding at the hill of Marathon - Athens extrem

Horse Ride Tour at Vranas hill in the Marathon area

Prices : 50 euros/person

Activity duration : 1,5 hours in total, grooming and preparing horses and riders 30 mins, the ride lasts 1 hour.

Description : This circular trail starts directly from our base farm in Marathon and takes us to the hills of Vranas and back. We will ride for a few yards at the agricultural zone of Marathon and then we will take a dirt path that will take us up the hill, where we will enjoy the panoramic views of the historical bay of Marathon along with the Evoikos bay in the background. On good weather conditions and clear atmosphere we can see as far as the Dirfys, the highest mountain at Evoia island. On our way back we will ride through beautiful pine forest and olive trees.

Mountsin horse riding tour - Athens extr

Mountain Horse Ride Tour at Marathon

Prices : 75 euros/person

Activity duration : 3,5 hours in total, grooming and preparing horses and riders 30 mins, the ride lasts 3 hours.


Description : The North-East Penteli mountain ride takes us through the agricultural part of Marathon and up to the North-East bunk of the mountain. That ride offers great panoramic views of the historical Marathon harbour, the Aegean sea and Evoia island. We will pass from the archaeological museum of Marathon, we will explore some of the dust roads and paths of the mountain surrounded with Mediterranean flora. This is a slow pace, more leisure type of trail ride, ideal for even complete beginners. Experienced riders though will have the chance for short trots or canter according to their previous experience.

Horse riding on the beach - Athens extre

Beach Horse Ride Tour at Schinias Beach

Prices : 75 euros/person

Activity duration : 2 hours in total, grooming & preparing horses and riders 30 mins, the ride lasts 1 hr 30 mins.


Description : The beach ride is done at Schinias, one of Attica's most beautiful beaches being almost 3 km long. It is surrounded by pine forest that offers the unique opportunity to combine forest ride with beach ride ! Part of Schinias beach and forest belongs to the “Schinias national park Marathon” and it is considered one of the most important ecoparks in Attica. This ride offers great footing for faster paces when the riders are experienced. This ride is recommended to riders that have previous experience and can follow at trot and canter in a safe manner.

Non riding horse activities - Athens ext

Non riding activities - The basic horse interaction program

Duration : 1hr 30 mins

Max participants : 14 people.

Prices : 2 up to 4 participants : 35 euros/person, 5 to 8 participants : 30 euros/person, 9 to 14 participants : 25 euros/person


Description : This is a non riding program, suitable for all people who want to come in contact with horses in a free environment. It’s ideal for those that don’t know much about horses but they want to come in contact with those magnificent animals, ideal for those interested in history, culture, psychology and human sciences. We will walk together and join the herd of horses, observe and get to know each other, we will explain about their physiology, psychology and ways of communicating within their environment. We will speak about the herd dynamics and how this reflects human societies and human dynamics. In the quest to understand more about the horses we will play a few games with them, the horses will participate only if they want to! Finally, we will take you on a tour on our farm, we will explain their day care and routine, also the history behind how horses became domesticated animals, the war horses and the evolution of horse riding as an Olympic sport from Ancient Greece to modern time !


The beginners horse communication and groundwork program

Duration : 2hr 30 mins

Max participants : 4 people

Prices : For 2 participants price is 70 euros/person, for 3 to 4 participants price is 60 euros/person

Description : This is a non riding program suitable for those who want to get involved with the basics of communicating with horses from the ground, understand basics of the handling and daily care of horses and practice some very basic technics of groundwork training. This programs first part is similar to interaction with horses program, the second part though is hands on work which means you will work with a horse from the ground on basic leading and groundwork technics, basic lunging and drive your horse through and over obstacles. This will teach you first steps of efficient communication understanding of the body language and develop your leader skills. You will also get involved in grooming the horse and preparation for the ground session.

Non riding horse activities - Athens ext

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