Ferrari drive experience Athens, Ferrari drive experience Greece

Ferrari driving

98 € - 30 minutes, 148 € - 40 minutes, 198 € - 45 minutes

Ferrari Super Drive experience  - Drive a Ferrari with a co-driver on your side. Speed up  0 -100 km/h in 4’’ and drive a super car with history and passion.


Duration : 

* 15 minutes briefing inside  the sport car, while an experienced racing driver will inform you about the car’s capabilities, behavior and basic mechanics.

* 15 - 30 minutes drive of the Ferrari with a co-driver on your side on real highway conditions.


Restrictions :

* Height  -  Less than 2 meters height, (6,5 feet)

* Weight  - less than 120 kg, (270 pounds)

* Valid driving license.


Ferrari drive for kids

68 € / person

Experience - Ferrari test drive for kids.

- Suitable for children 8-17 years old.

- Total duration : 30 minutes.


Description :

Kids start racing a kart for 5 rounds on a designated route on kart center and then they will be introduced to the Ferrari sports car. The little drivers, after a short training will have the opportunity to drive the Ferrari for 8 laps with an experienced driver on the side. By the end of the experience a memento diploma will be given. Parents will have to sign an agreement form that complies with the regulations of use.

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Have you ever thought about driving a legendary sports car on real conditions ? You can now experience a high speed driving session with a Ferrari 360 Spider sports car. After taking a short briefing about the car, and co-drive for 10 rounds, you will seat on the driver's seat and feel the 450 hp engine roaring on your feet. During the driving experience on racing conditions, you will receive instructions and tips from an experienced driver.



Ferrari driving

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