Bungy Jumping

The spot that we chose to set up our facilities is one of the most magnificent man-made works in the world. The Isthmus is the main strategic point of the Greek area and one of the most important works in East Mediterranean. Its purpose to connect the Corinthian with the Saronic gulf has been a significant issue since the ancient times  as the creation of the canal would solve a lot of problems and would facilitate the navigation and the trade. Under the bridge of the Isthmus of Corinth, we tried to connect and provide by the best way the values which we want our business to bring as well as the “wrapper” of the experience that we offer. Our wish is every visitor/jumper to feel the groove after every jump. Strong and free to express with strength his wills like a “warrior” and to live the whole experience through a place where its philosophy emits optimism, mood for fun and joy. Finally since it is the nature that anyway allows a human being to live unique experiences, the place that will “host you” for your jump, is as “impressively magnificent as its history since it is one the most important and ancient works.

Experience a lifetime, adrenaline boosting activity and make a bungy jump from the historic Corinth Canal. The location offers a great view in a beautiful scenery, while the jump is done from the bridge, 80 meters from the sea level.  Professional, friendly, well trained crew will assist you and prepare you, so you make the jump with safety from our base.

Bungy Jumping

Prices : 80 euros per person.

Activity : Bungy Jumping

Availability : Saturdays and Sundays starting March 2020. For reservations and availability contact us.

Location : Corinth Canal.

Operating Hours : 10.00 am - 17.45 pm

What's included : Bungy jump, video and T-shirt.

Not included : Transfer from Athens, can be arranged upon request.

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To whom: To every adult, over 18 who is under a normal healthy condition. Children 16-18 years old, can participate with parent approval and presence. Weight / kilos: Over 45 and under 105 kg. We suggest the participants to be rested, hydrated and have currently eaten something in advance.


Health state:  In case that the interested party is under one of the following health conditions/ situations the customer must inform the people who are in charge, as well as, present the medical documents in order for us to judge if the present situation allows the accomplishment of the jump:

  • Pregnancy

  • High arterial blood

  • Diabetes

  • Epilepsy

  • Neurological Disorders

  • Heart Diseases

  • Dislocations

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