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We organise air sightseeing tours and flights in Athens and Greece with single engine aircrafts. Explore the landmarks and sights from above and live unforgetable moments with an expert pilot on your side. A sense you cannot describe in words. The scenery from the 1000 meters above ground is really stunning! The time here goes by differently. Whenever you look, your eyes will be thrilled with the contradictions. Enchanting coastline and mountains, picturesque bays, majestic sunsets through the clouds, islands and many more that you can experience on a flight over Greece. Our pilots have years of experience with thousands of flight hours in various flying aircrafts. We fly with respect on air traffic control signals and flight safety rules of local regional airports.

Sightseeing and Piloting Experience

Basic Plan : Athens and Athenian Riviera

-Flight time: 30 minutes.

We will fly over : Salamina, Peiraias, Athenian Riviera, Saronic bay.

Cost per flight : 250 euros + 12 euros per passenger. Vat 24% is not included.


Super Plan : Athens and Sounio

-Flight time: 1 hour and 15 minutes.

We will fly over : Megara, Salamina, Saroniko, Sounio, Legrenna, Anavisso, Lagonissi, Louliagmeni lake, Athens, Faliro.

Cost per flight : 350 euros + 12 euros per passenger. Vat 24% is not included.


Ultimate Plan : Air sightseeing and castles in Peloponnese.

-Flight time: 1 hour and 45 minutes.

We will fly over : Acrokorinthos and ancient Corinth, the ancient theater of Epiduros, Palamidi caste in Nafplio, Mpourzi in Acronauplia, the castle of Argos, ancient Mycines, Nemea, Hraion temple and Perachora ancient port, lake of Vouliagmeni in Perachora, Loutraki, Corinth canal.

Cost per flight : 450 euros + 12 euros per passenger. Vat 24% is not included.

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Description :

After a brief ground course, we will continue with the inspection of the aircraft with emphasis on the cockpit, the engine, the landing gear and the emergency parachute. Then we board the cockpit of the aircraft, we will wear seat belts, run the checklist, check the meteorological data, we communicate with the control tower to submit the flight plan we have selected. We're starting our engine, checking the wind direction once again and asking permission from the control tower to take-off. After a few seconds and just 100m on the airfield, we pull back and we are up in the air.


Flights Data :

-Take off and landing location : Megara Airport.

-Maximum Passengers per flight: 4 people ( Up to 3 passengers and a pilot )

-Ground preparation time: 30 minutes for each flight package (theoretical lessons, aircraft inspection, checklist, communications)

-Flight availability : Every day upon request, depending on availability and weather conditions.

-Admitted ages: No age limit.  (From 12-18 years old only with parental presence)

-Weight-Height: Passengers should weigh less than 120Kg and height should be less than 190 cm

-Up to 3 aircrafts available, 9 passengers max participation.

-Pet friendly (one pet per flight)

-Photos : Prohibited at the airport, permitted during the flight.

-No smoking flights.


Including :

- Optional training of the 1st Theoretical & 1st Practical Course received by each candidate of single engine pilot training.

- 4k Video recording and photo capture during the experience (on a client's micro SD card)

- Snack & water.

- Insurance.


Private transfers (up to 3 passengers ) anywhere in Greece at a low cost!  Send us a request for a customised offer on selected destinations. Private Transfers from Athens to Megara airport upon request.


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