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4x4 Off Road Experiences and Trips

Traveling with an off road vehicle is a unique driving experience, if you combine it though, with the thousands of miles of dirt tracks of the country, the alpine mountain roads and the majestic coastline of Greece, you will get a lifetime experience and a mind blowing driving activity. There are many routes and itineraries to drive an 4x4 off road car in Attica and all over the country, all you need is the vehicle, emergency equipment and a plan route. Plan your multiple days trip or arrange a day tour in a relatively close distance from Athens or mainland Greece. Our vehicles have undergone special improvements in engines, suspensions and tires and they have additional accessories such as winches, led lights and special equipment that enable them to move on mountain terrains under difficult weather conditions. Our fleet consists of specially modified off road Suzuki and our crew is experienced drivers and mechanics.


Off Road Experience - Codriving, off road vehicle crew member.

A)Routes in Parnitha area - Fyli to Dervenohoria.
Prices : 100 euros per person.

Our destination will be Parnitha only 25 kilometers from the center of Athens. On this unique off road experience, we will start from the west side of mountain Parnitha and Fyli area and through various routes from simple to difficult ones we will reach Dervenohoria, a traditional village located on the north side of the mountain.

B)Routes in Attica - Parnitha to lake and dam of Marathon.

Prices : 90 euros per person.

An excursion that starts in the wider area of Historic Marathon Lake, between the dense vegetation, the olive trees and the small rivers and streams that end up in the lake. The end of the route is at the dam of the lake, where we will enjoy the spectacular views.

More information :

Duration : 5-6 hours

Passengers per vehicle : 1 driver and up to 3 passengers,

Minimum participation : 2 people.

Prices include :

Pick up & return from hotel or apartment from Athens.

Private driver with Suzuki offroad vehicle. (Fuel, tolls)

Snack & water.

Off Road Adventure - Codriving from mountain peaks of Mt Patera to the beach of Psatha.

Prices : 100 euros per person.

We have designed an offroad adventure at the dirt routes of Mount Patera until the beach of Psatha. Mount Patera is located at the northwest of Attica, it is an extension of the mountain summits of Parnitha, while the valley of Vilia stands between the Mount of Kitharonas and Mount Patera. It is a beautiful, almost unexplored mountain that impresses with the wild flora and fauna. Our final destination will be the beach of Psatha. During the summer months swimming on crystal clear waters or enjoying the sun at the beach is an option during our stop. On the way back we will make a stop at the towers of the area,  guard posts - of the ancient Athenians.

More information :

Driving Km : 100 km total distance, 20 km offroad and 80 km on motorway.

Duration : ~5 hours

Passengers per vehicle : 1 driver and up to 3 passengers.

Minimum participation : 2 passengers.


Prices include :

Pick up & return from hotel or apartment from Athens.

Private driver with Suzuki offroad vehicle. (Fuel, tolls)

Snack & water.

Off Road & Wine tasting at Marathon area.

Prices : 125 euros per person

Off road at Marathon lake and wine tasting at Kostas Lazaridis winery.

Join us on an adventure trip with off roading and wine tasting in Marathon area, only 20 km from the city center. An excursion that starts in the wider area of Marathon. We will go off road between the dense vegetation, the olive trees and the small rivers and streams that end up in the lake. During our tour, we will visit the Kostas Lazaridis Wine Museum and Oinotria Land winery. Our wine expert will talk about the process of making wine, along with the production of local distilled spirits and balsamic vinegar. We will continue with a visit at the wine cellars where we will do a wine tasting session. Our wine tasting experience includes 2 wines and one vinegar along with local cheese and traditional oak and barley breads.  


More information :

Driving Km : 90 km total distance, 60 km offroad and 30 km on motorway.

Duration : 5-6 hours

Passengers per vehicle : 1 driver and up to 3 passengers.

Minimum participation : 2 people.


Wine and vinegar list

Chateau Julia - Assyrtiko (White Wine)

Oinotria Land - Cabernet Agiorgitiko (Red organic farming)

Vinegar Aceto Botanico


Prices include :

Pick up & return from hotel or apartment from Athens.

Private driver with Suzuki offroad vehicle. (Fuel, tolls)

Snack & water.

Entry to the wine museum.

Wine tasting.

Full Day 4x4 Off Road Trip - Self Drive

Prices upon demand.

Off-road destinations close to Athens


Destination -The other side of Parnitha

Escape to the most green, stunning and close destination of Attica. An excursion that starts from the monastery of Kleiston in Hassia and continues on Parnitha’s mountain roads network. We will drive on mountain dirt roads and enjoy the view and mountains. We will stop for picnic in a picture square chapel and relax for a bit. After that we will continue to Avlona area and head to Stoudiou monastery through a dense forest that hides many off road surprises.

Total Duration 8-10 hours : From roughly 10 am until early afternoon that we will arrive in Avlona area from the mountain.

The tour is suitable for all Suv-touring vehicles. Off road vehicle can be arranged for rent with or without driver.

Destination - Ziria and mountainous Corinth.

The "small Switzerland" of the Peloponnese. Escape close to Athens, on impressive mountain paths in Peloponesse. Starting from Xylokastro we will start driving up the mountains and enjoy nature. We will pass 2 lakes on mountain dirt tracks and drive on the lake bank. Zirias plateau remains still unexplored and reserves many beautiful surprises for off road adventures. We will continue to the mountainous area of ​​Ano Trikalon. We will continue to the forest of Ziria, and our next stop will be  the beautiful Dasio Lake. Then we will make a beautiful route towards the ski resort of Ziria. We will go off road in the forest crossing pastures with wild horses, marking a path to the picturesque village of Goura and Lake Doxa. We will visit the chapel of Agios Fanourios and we will make a lunch break on the banks. After our stop, we will move into a green landscape in the direction of Feneos and see the impressive Panagia ton Vrahon, in Tarsus before we take the road to Derveni, Corinth and the final destination of Athens. Depending on the weather, the excursion it is suitable for SUVs or off-road vehicles only.


Destination - Steni in Evia island.

The chestnut trees forest, the Black Forest with the sinkholes and caves, as well as, the peaks of Dirfis, are some of the highlights of this trip. Routes on unexplored trails with running waters, in small and big forests. Steni, an area that we know only as a village, has a lot to show and offer. Our starting point will be in Chalkida and our destination is Steni through forest roads. At the entrance of Steni we enter Kastanodasos leaving behind culture, as the exit is much higher and soon we will reach the mountain hut. Our course continues to Skotini and Aboudiotissa villages where we will find the sinkholes and from there, we will take the road to return to Eretria.

Destination - Central Evia

An off road adventure trip through difficult forest roads. Activity for training but also for adrenaline junkies. The route is selected and absolutely safe for vehicles and crews. Vehicles must be equipped with a minimum of earthy tires. Mount Kantili, in northwestern Evia, is not the highest mountain on the island, but is famous for its unique view and wild scenery. Despite its low height, on its slopes there fir forests, which starts from an altitude of 500 meters.  An informal record for the greek data, since it is the only fir forest at such a low altitude. Steep cliffs to the west, reaching the sea, trees damaged by lightning and strong winds make up a stunning scenery just before the top of the mountain.


Destination - Off road trip to the lakes in Viotia.
Our destination will be Thiva and the lakes in the area. We will head to Moschopodi village and from there to the lake of Kopaida and Lake Yliki. Routes on the former lake of Kopaida, that disappeared after draining works some decades ago and offroad passages at the side canals of Yliki lake. An one day adventure with a lot of Off road ...


4x4 Off Road Adventure Trip - Self Drive

Prices upon demand.


6 days / 5 nights SELF DRIVE


Loose the sense of time in one of the most beautiful mountainous area of Greece. A continuous change of scenery between rough cliffs, canyons, plateaus, rivers, waterfalls and traditional villages with house and bridges made of stones. Thrilling off road in challenging tracks will keep your adrenaline high. This itinerary with VIKOS CANYON (world’s deepest according to GUINESS BOOK OF RECORDS) and offers a great off road experience. The area is of great ecological value and our priority is to leave nature unharmed by our passage.


Departure and arrival hours will be determined daily, depending on the needs of the group.


1st DAY


Departure for Meteora. Visit of the world’s famous monasteries built on top of the local cliffs. If you wish intermediates in the route stop for swimming the sea. During the route stop for light meal-coffee*. After the visit we head for the traditional village of Krania. Arrival in the hotel at Krania. Free program.


2nd DAY


Check out and we depart after breakfast for the impressive stone built bridge of Portitsa placed and then after crossing the Venetikos river three time we reach the arched bridge of Aziz Aga. Light meal* or coffee break by the river and if you wish swimming. We head for the traditional town of Samarina built by Kiourista's forest. Arrival in the hotel at Samarina. Free program.


3rd DAY


Check out and after breakfast we head to the Greek – Albanian border line passing from difficult tracks through rivers and forests. If you wish swimming and activities at Vodomatis river - one of Europe’s purer and colder. The place is ideal for a variety of sporting activities such as canoe- kayak, rafting. We pass from Zouzouli village and the itinerary lends us to the alpiclake of Arrenes at 1700m altitude. All today’s route offers a lot offroading and adrenaline high moments. During the route stop for light meal-coffee. We  head for the town of Papigo. Arrival in the hotel at Papigo. Free program.


4th DAY


Check out and after breakfast we leave Papigo for one of the most beautiful routes of Pindos mountainous and Vikos Canyon. We reach the traditional villages complex of Zagorohoria famous for it’s stone built houses. During the route stop for light meal-coffee and head from Mitsikeli mountain. Arrival in the hotel at Metsovo. Free program.


5th DAY


Check out and after breakfast we head to the Metsovo famous for it’s architecture, winery and dairy products. Magical and green route. Through off road trails in a place of rare natural beauty head in the traditional village Kalarites, of Pindos Mountains. Through a beautiful route we arrive swimming in the river Aheloos (if you wish). We follow river Aheloos also known as Aspropotamos (means White river). After enjoying ourselves in this natural playground we head through a beech and pines forest to the resort of Pertouli. Arrival in the hotel at Pertouli. Free program.


6th DAY


Check out and after breakfast we departure for Athens.

Overnights will be at such locations so that if the weather conditions change, we have an alternative direction.The routes are of the most beautiful in the Northen Pindos green environment. 

The program may be modified depending on the weather. The time of arrival may be not accurate because of obstacles might we encounter on the route. Our support and escort vehicle will accompany offers among other things, air pump for the tires- and natural inverter 12Vdc / 220 / ac 1500w *light meal included (tomato, olives, traditional cheese, water, drip coffee)

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